really corny jokes

Corny Jokes Really Cheese Jokes

Hello Friends Now  I am going to share corny jokes and really cheese jokes. all the peoples are want to get fun from the really corny jokes and cheese jokes from this website. you can download also corny jokes and really cheese jokes

really corny jokes

Chuckling is the best prescription and a decent anxiety buster.these days As a result of work load and stress we are not finding an opportunity to appreciate jokes and We have fogotten to laugh. you can download corny jokes from this website here  are a portion of the great and slick jokes which are agreeable by both old and young.let’s appreciate the jokes.

Corny Jokes



Q.what did one latrine say to the next can?

A:You looked flushed

Q.What do legal counselors wear to court?


Q.What do they call jars in mexico?


Q.Why shouldn’t you compose with a broken pencil?

A:Because it’s silly.

Q.What did the tree say to the wind?

A:Leaf only me

Q.Which is the longest word in the lexicon?

A:”Smiles” in light of the fact that there is a mile between every “s”



Q.What did the legal counselor name his little girl?



Really Cheese Corny Jokes

Q.Why did the PC go to a specialist?

A:Because it had an infection

Q.Which month do officer’s detest the most?

A:The month of March.

Q.What did one cap say to another?

A:You remain here I’ll go on a head

Q.When does Friday precede Thursday?

A:In the Dictionary

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